About us

Corporate Profile

J & S Maritime provide generic and bespoke training to stakeholders in the container terminal sector.  We offer a unique blend of industry experience, applied knowledge and conceptual insight which is supported by academic rigour. 

Excelling in interactive classroom delivery and engaging eLearning courses we deliver best in class training content that captivates  attendees whether they are new to the industry or have decades of experience.  Driven by our passion for the industry and strong desire to educate we believe that learning is the basis of the  positive attiude which is key to having a  motivated workforce..

Jeff Martin

Jeffrey Martin graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Maritime Studies and was awarded a PhD from the University of Wales for his research on strategic relationships in container terminal communities. He has over 25 years of international experience in the industry including periods in export shipping, project finance, software development and business consultancy.

Jeffrey has a particular interest in terminal automation and in the education of port workers and frontline managers. He works with many global companies in the container sector delivering operational, management and executive training on behalf of terminal operators, technology providers and consultancy   firms.               jeffmartin@jandsmaritime.com

Sally Martin

Sally Martin is a Professor at the Department of International Logistics, Chung-Ang University, Korea specializing in land transport and logistics. On graduating with a BSc Honours degree in International Transport she undertook at a PhD at the University of Wales assessing the potential for rail freight in the UK.

Following 15 years in industry where she became Chief of Staff to a major UK engineering company supplying the offshore oil and gas sector she returned to academia in 2011. Sally has published                            papers in Maritime Policy & Management, Transport Review and the Asian Journal of Shipping & Logistics. She is also the Administrative Editor for Maritime Policy & Management.                  sallymartin@jandsmaritime.com

What attendees say

“Jeff is an exceptional instructor.  Material and lessons are very well organized, well thought out.  Highly recommended.”

“The single most valuable industry awareness training I have had in thirty five years of work.”

“With over 20 years working in the ports environment this course made me realise I had never really understood the pressures or concerns (drivers) of the terminal or the shipping line”

“Clear examples and very interesting videos – automation approach is clearer now.”

“I like the fierce pace and appreciate all the metrics and research that is included.”